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We provide 24-hour online customer service for you to answer any questions and after-sales questions. We promise to provide customers with accurate and professional market research report within the agreed time.



We have a team of analysts specializing in different industries, experienced consultants, innovative and unique market analysis perspective. We work with elites from all over the country and are supported by reliable data.



We have strong databases of data resources, continuous monitoring of the target market, and reliable data resources provided by partners to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information we provide.





China Market Monitor create and deliver business and technology solutions that fit your needs and drive the results you want. Also, we aim to empower you to respond more quickly and intuitively to changing market dynamics, help you to mitigate risks and grasp chances, and drive positive and sustainable development for you.


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The success of consulting depends on the ability to understand the fundamental needs of the client and guide the right decisions.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

We customize market research reports according to customer requirements. We send professional analyst team to study its target areas and target industries. Our knowledge and skills cover almost all market sectors, we have field visits, telephone interviews, and accumulated experience to answer every small question of customers.

6 Months Data Update

6 Months Data Update

We provide six months 'data update support for each customer who has purchased the report to ensure the timeliness of the report. In addition, if customers have any market-related questions within six months, they can contact our analyst team, and we will answer their questions patiently.

Excellent Marketing Strategy

Excellent Marketing Strategy

Our expectation is to make every customer who has purchased the report get effective and actual progress in their business execution and company operation, mitigate risks and maximize benefits. We have experts in different industries to develop excellent marketing strategies for our customers from a sharp and innovative perspective.


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